“Why is pro ana bad? Learn the dangerous consequences of pro ana... ”

Ok, let me give you a few hints first. Just type into google the keyword "pro anorexia" or "pro ana" and analyze the results. You will be astonished to find that none of those websites support pro ana. They clearly mention that it is bad! Nobody is promoting pro ana anymore. Its a fashion of the past when less educated ones were being mis-guided. As more and more information was available, these site owners understood that practicing pro ana is potentially harmful. Nowdays its difficult to even find a well updated website on this topic, probably of two reasons:
First the site owners realised that pro ana is very bad and so they voluntarily put up a disclaimer that they condemn pro anorexia. Secondly, those who intended to continue running their sites themselves became so ill from pro ana that they were no longer physically fit to get their site updated!

This was just an example. Now let me discuss the real problems faced while practicing pro ana. By less intake of calories, your body tends to spend fat from all over the body and making you thin. It also consumes fat from essential parts such as internal organs like intestines,etc. In return along with a lean body, you also get a twisted intestine because of the lack of fat which supports its posture! So ultimately you will be unable to eat and defecate properly and finally die out of starvation!

Lack of fat in the body causes less mobilisation of vitamins within your body. Vitamins are necessary for various metabolic reactions & general well-being. Gradually sympoms of vitamin deficiency appears. The major deficiency occurs for vitamin A,D,E and K. However this deficiency state does not occur immediately as human body normally has a good back-up reserve. But with time symptoms appear. Thus initially while practicing pro ana you might not be able to experience this deficiency but inside of of body is actually burning everything up and becoming empty. Final result is a disharmony in bodily metabolisms and death!

Lets talk about metabolism. With lesser calorie intake, your body craves for energy. You become lethagric and unable to carry out daily functions. No more energy is left in your body to walk, eat, defecate, etc. You gradually become a silent statue of shit and always lie on your bed till you die!

And talking about endocrine functions, they become disrupted. Theres a hormonal imbalance causing less of essential hormone secretions and more of certain other hormones like adrenaline & GH. They tend to eat up the left-over energy sources in your body and weaken you internally. You will start facing serious complications or hormonal diseases which are infact very difficult to treat!

And the most dangerous effect is change in your psychology. Typically people who tend to follow pro ana are in some way psychologically unstable. A normal person with a sound mind will never stop eating! Psychological problems usually have cumulative effects and one psychological problem gives way to another and so on. You will become socially separate and away from normal friends and family. Finally you are just converted to a mere primitive ANIMAL and no more a real human being!

So, its my honest opinion & sincere advise to forget taking up the path of pro anorexia. Eating good is a forune for human beings only. Plz don't try to become a animal by practicing pro ana !!!!

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DISCLAIMER: We CONDEMN the practice of pro ana/pro anorexia/bikini bridge. And since its practice is very dangerous, we take moral responsibility and will never host any thinspiration methods here. The tips mentioned on this site is for healthy weight loss and not necessarily pro anorexic.